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  • GPS Trimble GEOXT 6000 3G & Floodlight

GPS Trimble GEOXT 6000 3G & Floodlight

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Tahun 2007 kami memulai usaha dibidang penjualan alat survey dan pemetaan seperti GPS, Total Station, Theodolite,echo sunder, water pass, Laser distance meter dan alat pendukung lainnya seperti software dan peta digital. Tahun 2008 kami mulai ekspansi dengan memasarkan teleskop dan binocular.

Detail GPS Trimble GEOXT 6000 3G & Floodlight

Together with the latest field software enhancements and GNSS innovations-the GeoXT handheld is the ideal submeter field solution for any industry, including utility companies, local government organizations, and federal agencies. Integrating the latest in Trimble GNSS receiver technology, the GeoXT handheld delivers consistent submeter accuracy in real time and 50 cm accuracy after postprocessing. For submeter accuracy, the GeoXT handheld's integrated SBAS receiver can be used to obtain realtime corrections such as WAAS, EGNOS, or MSAS, or the GeoXT handheld's built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology can be used to seamlessly connect to a Trimble GeoBeacon™ receiver. For 50 cm accuracy, data collected with Trimble field software can be postprocessed using the Trimble GPS Pathfinder® Office software or GPS Analyst™ extension for Esri ArcGIS Desktop software. These office processing suites use Trimble DeltaPhase™ technology to achieve 50 cm accuracy for GNSS code measurements after postprocessing, and even higher levels of postprocessed accuracy are possible if GNSS carrier data is logged for extended periods. Floodlight technology Trees and buildings create shadows, limiting the environments where reliable high accuracy GNSS data collection can be performed. Using the innovative Trimble Floodlight satellite shadow reduction technology, the GeoXT handheld continues to deliver productive, usable positioning data in areas where legacy GNSS receiver systems cannot. With the optional Floodlight technology upgrade installed, the GeoXT receiver can compute positions even with very weak satellite signals. Floodlight technology increases the number of positions that are gathered in difficult locations, and boosts accuracy in those places where normally only low accuracy data is available. With the GeoXT handheld, field crew can now work with fewer disruptions, meaning better data, faster, at less cost. Sunlight readable display The GeoXT handheld includes a sunlight-optimized, display designed specifically for outdoor operation. It maintains exceptional clarity in all outdoor conditions, including direct sunlight. Text is crisp and easy to read. Background maps and photos are rich and vibrant. At 4.2" (10.7 cm), the display is also big, so the touch panel is spacious and easy to control. Wireless connectivity With the GeoXT standard edition handheld, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology ensure that field workers can remain in contact with the office and each other, even from remote locations. Bluetooth technology also enables wireless connection to other external devices such as Bluetooth-enabled laser range finders, barcode scanners, or underground pipe locators. 5 Megapixel camera A photograph is often the best way to capture information about an asset, event, or site. The GeoXT handheld includes a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with geo-tagging capability. The camera can be controlled by the TerraSync™ software and other third party applications, so photo capture and linking of images to GIS features is seamless and simple to integrate with existing data capture workflows. Power to perform The Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 8 hours of GNSS operation on a single charge, and can be swapped on-the-go without shutting down the device. The GeoXT handheld is powered by an OMAP 3503 series processor. With 2 GB of internal storage and the capacity to add an additional 32 GB via SDHC card, the GeoXT handheld has the capacity and power you need to work with high resolution maps and complex datasets. Designed for work The fully ruggedized IP65 construction is designed to withstand the harshest environments. Wherever field workers go, they can take the GeoXT handheld with the confidence that the equipment can handle the toughest conditions. These smart design features combine with unprecedented accuracy and productivity to deliver the ultimate high performance handheld field solution.

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GPS Trimble Geoxt 6000 3G & Floodlight
Trimble Geoxt 6000 3G & Floodlight

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