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  • GPS Geodetic Gintec G40 Plus GNSS IMU RTK GPS Receiver

GPS Geodetic Gintec G40 Plus GNSS IMU RTK GPS Receiver

Update Terakhir
25 / 05 / 2024
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1 Set


Rp. 140.000.000
Tahun 2007 kami memulai usaha dibidang penjualan alat survey dan pemetaan seperti GPS, Total Station, Theodolite,echo sunder, water pass, Laser distance meter dan alat pendukung lainnya seperti software dan peta digital. Tahun 2008 kami mulai ekspansi dengan memasarkan teleskop dan binocular.

Detail GPS Geodetic Gintec G40 Plus GNSS IMU RTK GPS Receiver

GPS Receiver

Large Capacity
Super 13600mAh large battery

Long Working Hours
40-44 hours in rover station

Durable Usage
Outstanding performance, lonng lifespan

Key Features

Super Base
Equipped with 5W high power internal radio, radio signal covers up to 20km(typical).

High-Capacity Built-in Battery, Longer Duration
13600mAh large capacitiy built-in battery, the operation duration is up to 8-10 hours(Base mode, 5W power)

New-Generation SoC
• Powerful GNSS SoC chip with 1408 channels
• Supporting the new Beidou B31, Galileo E6 tracking
• G-FIX supported

G-FIX Correction Outage Technology
• Extending RTK positioning up to 10mins
• Reducing downtime waiting to re-establish RTK correction

Calibration-Free Tilt Compensation
• Calibration and intialization FREE
• Ready for tilt survey straight out of the box

New Antenna Combination
• Highly integrated GNSS, 4G, WIFI, and Bluetooth antennas
• Powerful Performance, Smaller Size

Augmented Reality (AR)
• Overlaying digital information onto the real world
• Assisting to view the stakeout location and see designed features in real time

Anti-Interference Technology
• Advanced multi-frequency interference suppression and multi-step adaptive filtering technology
• Strong and stable signals in challenging conditions

Professional Camera
• High-resolution night vision camera
• Broad perspective, sophisticated algorithms guaranteeing the precesion up to 1cm
• Seamlessly combining 360-degree AR visual stakeout and image AR visual stakeout

1x Gintec G40 Plus

1x Gintec G40 Plus Base
1x Alumunium Tripod
1x Tribrach, Carrier, Extension Pole 30cm

1x Gintec G40 Plus Rover
1x Controller Gintec P3
1x Pole Carbon
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