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  • FGS 1 Geofennel

FGS 1 Geofennel

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Rp. 224.025.000
Tahun 2007 kami memulai usaha dibidang penjualan alat survey dan pemetaan seperti GPS, Total Station, Theodolite,echo sunder, water pass, Laser distance meter dan alat pendukung lainnya seperti software dan peta digital. Tahun 2008 kami mulai ekspansi dengan memasarkan teleskop dan binocular.

Detail FGS 1 Geofennel

Unique GPS Set for multipurpose applications The geo-FENNEL FGS 1 is a robust receiver designed for challenging environments integrated into a compact device that is lightweight and highly portable. The FGS 1 can track all current working GNSS constellations. By using a unique algorithm it can operate in RTK mode combining all GNSS constellation signals or by using a single GNSS constellation signal such as GLONASS or BeiDou. The strong anti-interference ability of the receiver makes it possible to work in any environment. The FGS 1 integrates a cutting edge GNSS board, Bluetooth®, optional UHF (Rx & Tx) into a compact system. The smart design positions the FGS 1 among the lightest and most compact receivers currently available. The system is open to third party applications and supported by MicroSurvey FieldGenius and Carlson Surv-CE field applications.   Features ·  High speed processing ·  Support for both post-processing and kinematic ·  Processing ability separate or to be combined with GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou ·  Supports downloads & use of precise ephemeris ·  Generation of various reports .  User friendly   GPS SYSTEM FGS 1 COMPLETE SET ·     2 GNSS Antenna FGS 1 ·     1 MicroSurvey Fieldgenius Software ·     1 Fieldcontroller DC5 ·     1 Postprocessing Software ·     2 USB-Cable for FGS 1 ·     2 RS-232 Cable for FGS 1 ·     1 Measuring Tape 3 m ·     1 Tribrach AJ 10 black ·     1 Tribrach Adaptor AL 11-D black with optical plummet ·     1 Container .     1 Operators‘ manual   Technical data  Signal Tracking 256 channels with simultaneously tracked satellite signals: GPS : L1 C/A, L1/L2P, L5 GLONASS : L1/L2 BeiDou : B1, B2, B3 Galileo : Yes, but not activated SBAS : WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS   Performance Specifications Cold start : 99,9% Signal reacquisition : 

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FGS 1 Geofennel

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